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This portfolio website has been created so I can demonstrate the evidence required to gain CMALT accreditation, by means of a “portfolio of effective practice in four core areas” as well as one area of specialist work (QR Codes).

  • CMALT Portfolio created and submitted to ALT – March 2013.
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  • CMALT Portfolio updated for three-yerar review – October 2017
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 Name: David Hopkins
 Current position (May, 2013): Learning Technology Assistant
 Current employer (May, 2013): College of Social Science, University of Leicester
 Time in current position: Joined May 2012
 Qualifications: BSc (Hons), PG Cert, FHEA

Statement (Contextual):
I joined the College of Social Science and University of Leicester in May 2012. I was previously a Learning Technologist at Bournemouth University, and had been since April 2007. Before this I worked in the commercial world of web design and Internet consultancy since shortly after graduation. It is in this environment that I learned and honed my professionalism and dedication to my work that I have been able to put into practice daily in my current role. I was the lead Learning Technologist in the Business School at Bournemouth University and had been instrumental with the development of materials and initiatives that encompass school-based training, workshops, conference posters, presentations, and teaching responsibilities. I had the envied and respected responsibility as Learning Technologist to the fully-online undergraduate BA (Hons) International Business & Management degree where I liaised closely with academic and administrative teams on all aspects of the programme including online assessment, development of materials, induction and familiarisation of the learning environment (for both staff and students).

In June 2011 I completed the PG Certificate Education Practice at Bournemouth University. I am using this qualification, and subsequent status as Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA), as the starting point for professional and academic growth. It is with this as a background that I started the peer-reviewed CMALT accreditation process so I can demonstrate my commitment and personal development to my role as Learning Technologist. From experience with the PG Cert course I learned that the process of collating the evidence required for CMALT will also help me direct the direction any future studies will take (see Future Plans section).

Why I am completing the CMALT accreditation?
Through my activity on my Technology Enhanced Learning blog and social networks such as Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn (see Supporting Evidence items 1-4 below) I have come to respect the views and opinions of ALT members who are highly regarded as skilled and knowledgeable professionals, with whom I have enjoyed many engaging and informative conversations. I hope that a CMALT qualification, alongside my recent studies, will show my peers and colleagues that I have authority and experience in the discipline of ‘learning technology’ and ‘technology enhanced learning’. The opportunity to be able to give something back to the community of learning technology, through a CMALT qualification, is something I feel strongly about. With the qualification I would also hope to investigate the further opportunities of becoming a CMALT assessor and becoming more involved with ALT.

How does this relate to my future career?
Through my activity on social networks I have engaged with like-minded professionals from all corners of education and the globe. This activity has formed the basis and the start of my journey into CPD and I believe the accredited qualification that is CMALT will help formalise my determination and direction in the short term whilst helping my form more long-term goals on developing technologies and their relevance and application to the student experience.

In May 2012 I joined a new team and new Institution: the College of Social Science at the University of Leicester. Even after 10 or so month I am still excited and extremely nervous about this new role and being able to be working with the teams there. Gaining the respected CMALT accreditation will be an achievement we can all be proud of.

David Hopkins, May 2013.

Supporting Evidence:

  1. Technology Enhanced Learning Blog
  2. David Hopkins (Twitter)
  3. David Hopkins (LinkedIn)

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