eLearning blogger

David Hopkins, Learning TechnologistBlogging is not necessarily to every ones taste, but is certainly one way that people are communicating and learning.

Blogging was originally the domain of net-geeks and technically-capable programmers and developers in the late-1990’s, and is from the term “web-log” (now ‘blog’).

But this is not about blogging, or about learning about blogging, rather this is about learning and I am merely using a blog as the ‘tool’. As a graduate from University in 1996 I was fortunate to have the growing Internet at my disposal for research and referencing, yet current students and learners have so much more available that wasn’t available for me; Google, eBooks, eJournals, Web 2.0, etc, etc.

Does this make it better or easier for them to learn? Probably not. It just means there is so much more available, possibly more inappropriate than I had to deal with 12+ years ago, and they have to read and sift through all this before they get to the relevant and appropriate content.