News Services vs Twitter

Without realising it I’ve radically altered the way I get, and keep up to date with, day-to-day World news.

I’ve never been someone who goes out and buys a newspaper, although I’m partial to reading one if it’s been left on the train or in the coffee shop.

I used to make time to watch the 6PM BBC1 News, but even that annoys me these days; what with repeated technical problems, stupid questions in interviews, mis-information in the reporting by not looking at both sides of the story … and many more.

I tried subscribing to the RSS feed from the BBC News website, but I don’t always have my RSS ‘feed-demon’ open on the PC so often miss it completely for days on end.

Then I found Twitter, and then found the BBC News Twitter services:

Now I can get my News (often as it happens) on a multitude of different devices where I get my Twitter network updates.

PS. Yes, I know, I’m using the BBC News even though I slated them earlier. Thing is, the website is far better quality (but not perfect) news then other sources that I’ve tried.

If you’ve other News services that are on Twitter that you’d like to highlight for either good or bad service, then please share them below …

The other BIG question … is Twitter (and Social Media/Network sites like it) speeding the demise of traditional news services (printed media)?