What is a group of eReaders called?

If a group of geese are called a ‘gaggle’, and a group of Hippopotamus’ are called a ‘crash’ (bet you didn’t know that), and a group of Zebras are called a ‘zeal’ (again, bet you didn’t know that) then what is/are a group of eReaders called? Could it be a ‘Whispercast’?

Whispercast is the new free online ‘tool’ (product?) from Amazon to help schools “manage Kindle devices and wirelessly distribute books and documents to students”. Whispercast enables teachers and educators to access to over 1.5 million Kindle ebooks, including bestsellers and free classics, they can then easily purchase and distribute them among student devices (Kindles, obviously) to develop personalized educational programs for all age groups.

“Whether you’re looking to distribute literature for class or use Kindle for your corporate training or incentive program, Whispercast helps you reduce the administrative cost and complexity of sending Kindle content and managing your Kindles.”

This could be great if all those schools hadn’t gone out and bought all those iPads first [smirk]. But think about it, all those iPads could quite easily be running the Kindle app?

Here’s a video introducing and explaining the tool:


YouTube: Kindle at School / Whispercast