ePortfolios: How?

Producing the ePortfolio is an exercise in stucturing and ordering your thoughts. You need a start page, whether it’s a page that’s part of the general content of the portfolio or it’s a special one you’ve written as an introduction to you, the author, is entirely up to you. Then always comes the question “do I number the pages?”.

Why not, it’s your portfolio, it’s your work, so it’s your choice. Personally it makes it easier to see where I’ve been and where I’m going if I’ve numbered my way around my files and folders, but this doesn’t always work.

This now comes to the real reason I’ve become interested in ePortfolios. I understand the techniques for creating and managing the system, the pages, and the content … but what to put in it? Starting with a simple ‘background page’ as the opener is always a good point, but then I get stuck for what comes next. Since my learners are just finishing their first Unit, it makes sense for them to do some reflective writing on the last 6 weeks.

They split into groups and have generated a wiki each (each group) based on a set of instructions and a real-world business environment. Now they’ve been marked and feedback given I want them to take this information and reflect on the whole process. So, the next page I would expect to see in their ePortfolio is their interpretation of the work they submitted, their thoughts on the comments they received, and what they would do with this information now if they were able to improve (or just alter) their work.

Does this clasify as worthy of an ePortfolio? Yes, as this is something they can take back to their emplyer / sponsor as an indication of the work they are doing, as well as downloading this and the rest of the ePortfolio for future use, and possibly a future employer as proof of their studies.