Following on from my earlier post on ‘Listen to hear vs Listen to reply‘, I have a further thought … and it’s this. When someone introduces their opinion but it’s’ actually their way of telling you to do something, that annoys me.

No. If it’s an opinion I will respect yours if you listen to and respect mine, and that I may have a differing or conflicting opinion. My opinion, like yours, comes from my experience and background, from my own perspective on whatever we are talking about. It is informed and mine.

An opinion is something you believe in or advice you are offering. But it is not fact, and as such I will take it on board and use it, or ignore it. That is what we do with opinions.

Please don’t confuse an opinion with a set of instructions or fact. If you want me to do something, then ask or tell me. Don’t present it as a thinly veiled opinion. If you need something done, then let’s talk about it and work out what is needed and how we go about it.

Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash