Learning resources: Photos, images, icons, etc.


There are always great lists and resources available if you take the time to hunt and search form them. I have a fair few saved and bookmarked. But, if you’re like me, I often lose or forget them. So here are a few of the ones I like, use, reuse, and recommend for learning or educational uses (including creative commons):

  • PhotoPin: http://photopin.com/ – “Search millions of Creative Commons photos from Flickr and add them to your blog posts easily.”
  • Flickr Creative Commons: http://flickr.com/search/advanced/? – I only ever use the ‘advanced search’ options as this enables to search only creative commons images. Sometimes I find it easier/quicker to use Photopin, but the direct Flickr search sometimes brings up more meaningful responses.
  • Stock.xchnghttp://sxc.hu/– good quality images and illustrations available, just check with ownership and/or rights before using.
  • IconFinderhttp://iconfinder.com/ – High quality icons for use by/for web designers with associated creative commons attribution.
  • FreeVectorhttp://freevector.com/ – Great website for backgrounds, characters, etc. in vector image formats for editing.

While the JISC Digital Media website is not a source for images like the above it is still and important resources for finding, editing, and managing digital resources, and one you should be aware of and visiting on a (semi) regular basis.

As with all lists it’s worth mentioning that while you found something really good using services like Google image search it is not necessarily OK to use in your materials. You could check with the image owner but it’s just easier to use the above services from the start to avoid a lengthy hunt for the legitimate owner.

Where do you go, how do you find ‘the’ image for your project, learning package, etc? Share your tips, tricks, and resources by leaving a comment below.

Note: Thanks to Fred Riley for helping me remember some of these I had forgotten!

Image Source: Brief Encounter by sharkbait  (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)