Square peg, round hole #blimage

Another excellent image that so resonates with me, and as part of the amazing #blimage challenge too!  What a great start to the week.

if you’re interested in #blimage, what is is and why you should be involved, then read Steve Wheeler’s introductory post about it … then get involved and write something about an image. Any image.

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Sarah Honeychurch shared the ‘square peg, round hole’ image inviting responses and posts about what the image means. Well, I’m sure we can all relate to this? 

I want to be clear that, in my mind, this ‘square peg, round hole’ analogy is not a problem or issue or something that stops me doing what I can and what I love. It just means know I need to find alternative ways or means or approaches to doing or trying my ideas so the round hole is filled. I’m also careful and mindful to take care of myself and not try and chisel the edges off from myself so I fit the mould.

Neither the square peg nor the round hole are wrong, and neither should be changed or modified to fit the other but if both sides can understand the other, and help each other to work efficiently and effectively together, then both can benefit from the other’s abilities and know-how.

I believe so much more is achievable when people of different backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and interests (square pegs, round holes) come together and work towards a common goal – they each have so much to give and learn from each other. The downside is, unfortunately, when some of those involved are not open enough to allow or accept what is offered from the others.

This is where the square peg and round hole becomes an issue. This is why so many people think these people can’t work together. I believe they can, and produce much better results than if we only stick talking and working with people who are the same as us.

Now, my next challenge … this image from Victor Bezrukov (available under CC) should be enough to get your creative juiced flowing?

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Banne image source: Yoel Ben-Avraham (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)