The trails we leave #eLearning

Continuing my interest in data and how it can be used, this project and associated video is a very useful indication of how data from one App (called ‘Human’) can show us how we move.

Do you walk, run, cycle?

“Human is an iPhone app that runs in the background of your phone and automatically detects activities like walking, cycling, running, and motorized transport. All visualizations and charts are solely based on aggregated data from people using the Human app. “

The ‘maps’ generated from the (anonymised) data in the video are not matched to any mapping software, the white pixels are purely activity and movement of individual App users.

Think what something like this could do to your learning materials and your understanding of what, why, or how students interact with it? Whether it’s location-based (see where students go on campus, in rooms, through the library, etc.) or virtually (through learning resources, materials, help or study guides, etc.). Mind you, would the data and data maps be a distraction from the more important issues of quality of learning or hands-on help?

Do you see ‘big data’ as something that is worth investing time and effort in, for the benefit of students and/or institutions? Are we running down an avenue that is actually distracting us from providing quality learning materials and quality learning experiences? What do you think, did the Horizon Report get it right or wrong?

This is how we move from Human.

Here’s a GIF of motorised transport in London:

'Human' Data map