Twisted Pair: Connor MacLeod and Wile E Coyote #twistedpair

Yet again a challenge has been laid down by Steve Wheeler. In his post Steve explains the idea of whether there any “strange (twisted) pairs that would inspire people to write thoughtful blog posts on education and learning?”

So, I’m pairing the fictional characters of the immortal Connor MacLeod (Highlander, 1986) and cartoon character of Wile E Coyote (never-successful hunter of Roadrunner, 1949-). So. why these two?

Highlander was one of the first films I watched more than once in the cinema, and many many more times on video (VHS, remember them?) with an awesome soundtrack from Queen (also my favourite band!). An immortal who battles other immortals to be the last one standing for the ‘prize’, to be mortal once more. 

Here is someone who cannot die except for decapitation. From the mid 1500’s, when he realises he’s immortal, he no doubt has to train and be ready for a challenge from any other immortals, at any time. In the film we see him fight the Jurgen in the 1500’s (when he survives his injuries and is cast out from his clan), a duel in the 1800’s, fighting Germans in the second World War, and eventually fighting the Kurgen (strongest of all the immortals) in 1980’s New York for the ‘prize’.

Oh, and what a way to start a film. Still love it!!

Highlander opening sequence

NB: Those who know the film will know the image above is Eileen Donan Castle, used in the film as the MacLeod clan’s home.

But what of Wile E Coyote? The poor misguided fool who tries and tries to catch Roadrunner, trying ever-more complicated and explosive methods. Wile E Coyote keeps coming back for more, keeps trying, keeps getting closer, keeps getting up again. Never quite near enough, never quite clever enough to outwit Roadrunner. The opposite of Connor MacLeod. Both are film/cartoon immortal, both ought to be able to learn from mistakes and get better, cleverer from them – obviously a 1950’s cartoon wouldn’t have worked very well if Wile E Coyote actually got injured, or suffered permanently from his haphazard attempts on Roadrunner. But both need something from their elusive ‘prey’ in order to survive.

It’s probably fair to say that Connor MacLeod led a fairly quite or innocuous life, not necessarily hunting other immortals out but always ready in case they came for him. Whereas Wile E Coyote kept on and on after Roadrunner, never succeeding, always hungry, always in danger (from his own actions), and also quite immortal.

So, now it’s your turn. You can use any of the suggestions from Steve (I’d love someone to use Jack Bauer and the Teletubbies!) or find your own.

Roadrunner & Wile E Coyote

Image source: Eileen Donan Castle (CC BY-NC 2.0)