What’s your alternative bio? #altc

I’ve just read and enjoyed Donna Lanclos and Dave White’s post, all about their ‘alternative’ bio for their ALTC keynote. Whilst is very amusing it does go to highlight that sometimes it’s the person we want to know about, not their qualifications or background.

Instead of writing about your job/work, just introduce yourself (in an amusing and alternative way). So, here we go:

“David works too much, spends too long looking at a screen, and would like to say so more often than he does. Glasses are supposed you make you look more intelligent and appealing, and he is still trying to work out why he’s failed miserably at both. Moving away from the coast to the heart of England is a strange thing to do for someone who loves the beaches and fresh air, but something David thought he needed to do in order to ‘grow’ (he’s still figuring that one out too). A lover of Lego Technic sets and engineering often means having to work hard at home to earn extra brownie points for the next ‘new’ Lego set he wants. A family man to the core, isn’t that bothers by shoes (shock), can be bribed by cake and biscuits (easily), likes his tea quite weak, is really annoyed if you’re late, David is actually quite a relaxed person.Sometimes.”

What’s your alternative bio?

Image source: clement127 (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)