QR Codes from Goo.gl

I have used three different systems to generate and monitor my QR Codes over the past five years or so. My current favourite is linked to the shortened URL generator from Google – goo.gl.

For each shortened URL you create on goo.gl you can have a QR Code too, all you have to do is add .qr to the end of the URL.

For example, the shortened URL for my eBook on QR Codes in Education, generated for this blog post, is http://goo.gl/rYNr4v. If you added .qr to the end of it you won’t be directed to the page but shown the QR Code for it: http://goo.gl/rYNr4v.qr. And here it is:

QR Codes in Education

This is fine, a 150×150 pixel image to put in a blog post or a website side-bar. But this is not good if you want to print or add to materials to make it crisp and scannable when you alter the size of it. I found this trick recently, on how to get a larger file and QR Code that is easier to work with in print (clearer resolution).

In the address bar for the QR Code change the ‘150×150‘ code to a different value, depending on how big you want the QR Code – up to a maximum of 540×540.

QR Code

Hey presto, a larger QR Code that is easier to work with in print and printed materials.

QR Code

  • Don’t forget, goo.gl is all about the shortened URL and the statistics, not just the QR Code – just put a + sign at the end of the URL and you can see the statistics for any public goo.gl addresses: http://goo.gl/rYNr4v+