QR Codes: Google gets in on the act

As reported in TechCruch, Google have joined theirURL shortening service goo.gl with a QR Code generator.

URL shortening service like bit.ly take a long URL and make a short version of it, usually less than 16 characters in total.

  • Add “.qr” to the end of any shortened link, and Google will generate a QR code for it. For example, the link http://goo.gl/SJhz would become http://goo.gl/SJhz.qr

TechCrunch say that for

“… those looking to try out the new feature, the Goo.gl homepage still says that the service is “currently available for Google products and not for broader consumer use”, but it’s plenty easy to start using it yourself. It’s officially available through Google Toolbar and FeedBurner, and you can also find various bookmarklets and browser extensions that let you generate a Goo.gl link.”

When it becomes available for us mere mortals I’ll let you know.