New QR Code generator: Visualead

Wow, something must be going on … two posts on QR Codes in a week?

Yes, I am finally getting round to writing my semi-promised eBook on QR Codes and education / classroom technology … more on that score later, but if you’re interested in being involved or reviewing it, please let me know by email or message on Twitter.

Whilst browsing and writing up and expanding my previous thoughts, links, and resources I came across this (new?) QR Code generator, Visualead – As you can see from below you can position the QR Code over all or only a part of the image you choose.

Naturally if you want to make the most of the full statistical analysis and support/reporting you’ll need to upgrade and pay then something, but the free version is a good start before you go further.

QR Code / Avatar

QR Codes from Visualead

Will this make a difference in the use and popularity of QR Codes? I think not, but this kind of aesthetic approach to tidying up QR Codes might bring a few more advertisers and marketing agencies back to using them, which could have a positive impact on how educators (or more specifically students) view them.