“How I use my iPad” #edtech

Thanks to Terese Bird (@tbirdcymru) for sharing this resource earlier today on the use of iPads in UK Higher Education.

I really liked the short video (below) from Nathan Huneke from Manchester Medical School and how he uses his iPad for storing and organising academic papers:

How I use my iPad – Nathan Huneke from Manchester Medical School on Vimeo.

The post from Terese has a few more resources that are of interest and I’ll point you to the link at the beginning of this post to read them – they’re worth a few minutes.

Do you have a project where you’ve used or implemented iPads in academia (at any level, either for staff or student use, large or small scale) and would like to share what you’ve done? If so please leave a comment below linking to your resource(s) and/or project aims, I’d be happy to help publicise it.