Max Headroom (03) / #100DaysToOffload

Do you remember the 80s TV show, Max Headroom? Max was “a fictional artificial intelligence (AI) character, known for his wit and stuttering, electronically altered voice” and “the first computer-generated TV personality”. I loved it.

Now, surely, is the time for this to actually become a reality? We have the computing power to make dinosaurs or toys seem real and to interact with their surroundings through our smartphones, and the power to create deep fake photos and videos of actors (willing and unwilling). So why not recreate Max Headroom as a true AI personality, interacting and engaging with a TV ‘audience’ in the way the 80s TV show meant it?

A reminder. Max Headroom … with the Art of Noise (music video). I burned the cassette out listening to this so much!!

Header image source; The Art of Noise