Toothbrush (12) / #100DaysToOffload

What have we done to our kids? Is technology so ubiquitous and embedded in our lives our children (who have grown up with smartphones and Alexa) can’t use the basic of tools unless it’s powered? And charged?

Case in point … my 10yo uses an electric toothbrush. Sometimes he remembers to put it on charge when it’s low, but more often than not I do it.

So, what do you think he does when it runs out of charge when he’s using it? Yes, claims he can’t possibly clean his teeth and runs off to school.

So follows a talk, demonstration, exacerbated monologue, tantrum, and eventually, he cleans his teeth when I have to show him that it can still be used as a toothbrush, even without power to spin the head.

“Really? Wow, that’s clever!” he says, almost not realising the brush and toothpaste still work without the battery on a full charge!

Good grief, what have we done to our kids?

Photo by Alex on Unsplash