Checking the performance of your blog

Search Engine (Google)
Firstly, I always check with Google to see if it can, and has, indexed the site. Type “” into the search box (replace the with your own address, obviously) and see what comes back.

Google results

This at least shows you if it’s been indexed, and how many pages. Google has so far indexed 685 pages from this blog alone (posts, categories, polls, tags, etc).

Another useful Google tool is “” – this checks other websites that link to you.

Google refer

Social Bookmark (Delicious)
I’ve often wondered, as I bookmark someone else’s blog or blog post, does anyone bookmark me? There is an easy way to find out –


You type in the address of your blog, or blog post and then see a good results page based on who’s bookmarked you (username, date, tag assigned, etc).  There’s also a nifty little ‘chart’ view where you can see how often people have bookmarked you.

So, why would you want to see these things:

  • to see what people liked most of all in your post
  • to analyse why one post was successful while another one was not
  • to see how people describe/tag your post
  • to explore your competitor’s social media success, and learn from it
  • to perform advanced keyword research (how people tend to tag shows how they are most likely to search).

These are just two methods, using just two websites.If you have any tips and tricks to find out how successful your blog is please share by leaving a comment below.