Scary things at work

Inspired by both this post from Innocent Drinks and that it’s Halloween, here’s a list of 15 scary things in the modern workplace:

  1. The Teams ringtone
  2. When you’re not on mute when you answer the phone/door/kids/pets
  3. Can’t find the mute button to mute/unmute yourself
  4. Chat notifications when sharing your screen
  5. The ‘…’ are working hard in a Teams chat … what are they typing for all this time?
  6. Teams call from someone you don’t normally work with
  7. Audience participation in business-wide meetings
  8. Not realising your headphones weren’t plugged in when in the office
  9. Email reminder about something you should have done last week
  10. “Oh, is that someone at the door” when they can hear the Ring doorbell chime in the background
  11. The only clean mug you have left is the one with family photos on it. From 15 years ago
  12. That one person who books a meeting at 12:30.
  13. Or at 4:30 on Friday.
  14. Or at 8:30 on Monday
  15. Your boss likes a Facebook update. But they don’t follow you

Photo by Kamil Feczko on Unsplash