CMALT: (6) Future Plans

“The form ends with three boxes that are obligatory but not assessed. The first concerns your plans for the future. This can be as detailed as you like. The purpose of this is to help you plan for your professional development; it will also be useful when preparing to meet your continuing professional development requirement to remain in good standing.”

6: Future Plans

The process of organised and critical reflection is something I learned about on the PG Cert course, but the highly organised and directed discipline needs that the CMALT accreditation requires of me has again reminded me I have some way to go – the process of “pause-reflect” has enabled me to direct my work, and I aim to ensure I continue this practice through the continued CMALT process as well as reflection on my personal blog (see Supporting Evidence item 1).

Through my blogging activity I have investigated the question ‘What is a Learning technologist’ (see Supporting Evidence items 2-5) from different angles and from this you can see my changing and growing appreciation for the role as well as my own ability to reflect and think critically on the discipline. This series of blog posts will continue to grow and I will continue to reflect on my work, my individual role and the role a Learning Technologist has within the changing arena that is Higher Education.

As I mentioned in my opening statement I also hope to be in a position to give something back to the learning community by way of being involved in ALT events, by investigating the option of becoming a CMALT assessor, and continuing to organise my thoughts on my eLearning blog and with my peers and colleagues on Social Networks and at Bournemouth University.

Did you also see the numerous mentions to me new role at Leicester (see Supporting Evidence item 6)? In order to leave and clean desk at Bournemouth had to write a series of hand-over documents and attend meetings to make sure that my departure was ‘smooth’ and ‘glitch-free’. I received a warm welcome from Leicester and am currently enjoying the new challenges and working towards the next ‘stage’ of my career will start with a blaze of activity and development, both personally and professionally … I have also investigated further online study, at Masters level, and have recently heard that I have been accepted to the MSc in Learning Innovation at the University of Leicester (see Supporting Evidence¬†item 7) and will be starting in October 2013.

Supporting Evidence:

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  2. What is a Learning Technologist (pt1)
  3. What is a Learning Technologist (pt3)
  4. Working, and growing, as a Learning Technologist (pt4)
  5. What is a Learning Technologist (pt8)
  6. So long, and thanks for all the fish!
  7. MSc in Learning Innovation

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