Conference engagement – the next level? #FOTE13

FOTE12 FOTE13It was during FOTE12 that I had the first hint of an idea on how to take conference attendee engagement to the next level.

As the curator for the ULCC YouTube videos from FOTE12, I had hoped to collect a series of video interviews with deleagates and produce a number of videos on the delegate responses to the conference theme and ‘future of technology in education’ issues. It did not pan out as planned on the day, so instead I used the archive of tweets from the conference (thanks to Martin Hawksey), as well as the great photos of the day taken by the ULCC photographer.

Here’s what I thought … take the delegates engagement in the conference activity (weeks and even months before the conference itself), add in a new feature in the Conference App (or associated website), and a little bit of 1980’s TV, and you’ve made a great way for individuals to be involved in the conference.

Here’s my idea … does anyone remember the Channel 4 show in the 1980’s called ‘Star Test’? In simple terms the ‘star’ sits in front of a TV screen, with the camera pointing at them as though through the TV, and the star chooses a series of questions from the list on the screen. Thankfully some of this has survived and is available on YouTube – here’s Kim Wilde in 1989 to illustrate my idea.

YouTube: Kim Wilde Star Test 1989

What if delegates could download the conference app and take part in their own ‘star test’, choosing a series of questions (like in the original Star Test above), all relating to the conference, the conference theme, and/or other aspects of ‘technology in education’? If the delegate could then use the mobile device to record their answer (limited to 30-60 seconds?)  and upload it to YouTube (already tagged with specific meta-data to associate it with both the conference and question)?

The series of user generated content could then form part of the conference activity by projecting them on the screen between sessions as well as being publicised by the conference teams on various social media platforms before, during, and after the event.

To encourage participation special questions could be given at random to people and these could form part of the conference game, with special badges or point awarded to those who engage … ?

Would you participate in this kind of activity? Would you want to watch these recordings? Heck .. can this be done? Anyone want to try it? If you do please keep in in the loop, I’d love to see it working!!

Image: ULCCEvents (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)