Learning Without Frontiers #LWF12

For all those who are as equally excited as I am, next week is the 2012 Learning Without Frontiers Conference. If you’re going and would like to meet up then please drop me a line, leave a message, tweet me, etc, etc.

I received an email this morning and have set up my LWF Profile page, which you can find here (plus links to find me on different networks, not that you needed telling):

So, what am I looking forward to:

  • Sir Ken Robinson: Unfortunately Sir Ken is going to be closing the Conference via video-link, but it is something not to be missed, if his other speeches are anything to go by.
  • Stephen Heppell:I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and talking with Stephen several times here at Bournemouth University – what seems a random journey through his thoughts and ideas at the time, when Stephen speaks, will end up as a carefully constructed story with which you will lose youself in. Amazing and inspirational.
  • Steve Wheeler:The ‘VLE is dead’ is here again … should be good if we get the kind of debate this topic has had before … ?
  • Dame Ellen MacArthur: Speaking about her foundation and it’s┬álinking of “education and business to inspire young people to re-think and re-design their future”. Should be good.
  • Conrad Wolfram: The man behind the Wolfram Alpha ‘computational knowledge engine’ … say no more!
  • Keri Facer: Looking at the changes change in education that are emerging around economics, personal data and social movements.
  • Jacob Kragh (Lego Education): Anything with Lego is fine by me, but what’s even better is how it can be used to educate and learn, “from renewable energy to green cities, after-school clubs to robotics from pre-school through the secondary education”
  • Andrew Eland (Google UK): the “Google story, the importance of STEM education, the UK’s failure to capitalise on its record of innovation and engineering and Google’s position on this” could be interesting, and worth a little time to listen to Andrew.

… and of course meeting so many of my Twitter buddies! See you next week.