This was shared on LinkedIn recently, and I wanted to save and record it.

A very simple philosophy of trust and communication can give both of us the time to work and the opportunity to question, query, and support each other in achieving what we need to in the time we have. If there’s a possibility of not meeting those goals, through an early alert we can address it as soon as possible and give us the time to investigate the problem and work out a solution to enable a repsonse.

Communication and trust. It works and it works both ways.

Thanks to Geraldine Murphy for sharing the LinkedIn update, and to Alex Harvey for originally posting it. I repost it in full below:

I don’t care whether you come into the office at 10am.
I don’t care if you choose to work from home or not.
I don’t care if you work from the garage while they fix your car.

I hired you for a job and I trust you to get it done. Just let me know what you need from me to be successful in your role. And I will show up for you.

Life happens!
You don’t need to justify to me why you need a day off.
You don’t need to explain how sick your child is to leave early.
You don’t need to apologize for having a personal life.
Yes, I care about results but I also care about you. We are all human and we are all adults. I lead people. I don’t run an adult day care center.