Don’t say it

It is a time of change, uncertainty, anger, frustration, Covid, restrictions (or lockdown), fear, and sadness. It’s also a time where we learn about ourselves and those around us. What are our strengths or weaknesses? What are the strengths or weaknesses of friends, family, or colleagues? Can we help them? Do we want to?

Out of all of this, I’ve learned to speak up a lot more – in meetings, in chats, with family, etc. I’ve also learned when to shut up.

When you can see a pointless argument brewing. When someone is just not in a listening mood. When you really can’t be bothered. When you know in your heart you can help but the other person(s) can’t (or won’t) hear you.

Sometime’s it’s also as well to know when to keep quiet, say nothing and let it blow over. It’s very difficult to do this at the moment when there is so much happening in the world that you don’t agree with, sometimes passionately, or that really angers you. But it’s still important to judge the situation and make a good judgement on what and when to say it. Or, know when to say nothing and move on.

Sometimes, being quiet and not ranting about it will actually be louder and have more impact than the rant. And that’s a powerful message.

Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash