Future Learning Envionments (@timbuckteeth)

I wasn’t able to get the the Learning Technologies conference and exhibition this year, so I missed Steve Wheeler’s talk. But, thanks to the wonders of technology I followed it online and can watch it again and again.

  • Unfortunately I can’t embed it in the post, the code gets stripped out by WordPress, so you’ll have to need to click the link/image below:

Future learning environments: professional, powerful, personal @timbuckteeth
Future Learning Environments: ‘Professional, Powerful, Personal’

 Steve opens the session saying:

“if you don’t notice [technology], if it’s transparent, if you’re not thinking about using it then that’s good technology. Wouldn’t you agree? I think it’s a case that often we complicate technology to much, we put too many bells and whistles around it and then expect our students and learners to navigate it and often they’re thinking more about that than they are then their learning, and that’s one of the biggest thing with technology.”

Anyway, watch Steve’s talk, it’s worth it.