I want to be part of the solution, not just talk about it

Over the past few years, certain conversations tend to repeat themselves. Whether it’s about effective assessment strategies or a considered approach to implementing a new platform or technological solution, I want to help define the problem AND then be part of the solution. I want to see those conversations come to fruition AND to have made a difference.

What I don’t want is to talk and plan for a solution for nothing to be done. I know there are often good reasons why projects stall or take longer than planned or get dropped. But sometimes the idea or conversation about something is just that, a conversation. Whilst we may talk about development and implementation, about improving a system or process or ‘thing’, the appetite to see it through isn’t there. This is what frustrates me.

If the opportunity is available and there is a group willing to talk about the problem, to learn from prior mistakes or gaps in a process, for example, and you can come together and work out what can be done to not repeat or compound the mistakes by just carrying on as you always have done, and then don’t do anything about it? That’s the worst kind of mistake to make, and the one that makes me more frustrated than anything else.

Photo by Jackson Simmer on Unsplash