Are we through with the baby Boomer, Generation X, Generation Y, Generation Z or Millennials labelling yet? Can we just talk about students or people?

Are we through basing our ‘likes’ or ‘friends’ on whether they’re wearing the latest branded shirt or jumper, or how prolific someone is posting their latest posing/pouting Instagram pic?

Are we a ‘tribe’ or ‘group’ or ‘collection’ of learning technologists, or just connected learning professionals?

I hate labels. I hate being labelled and I hate using labels to refer to what are, actually, individuals.

Labels are easy, often lazy and used indiscriminately, thereby making the ability to distinguish the individual and their own strength difficult, but ultimately more worthwhile.

I try not to judge others, therefore I don’t like to be judged. It’s the same with labels; don’t label me and I won’t label you.

Image source: Ricky Romero (CC BY-NC 2.0)