The intrinsic and extrinsic value of academic blogging #LTHEchat

I’m not new to running or paricipating in tweet chats, in fact I’ve done a fair few over the last few years. And loved each for their own individual characteristics – here is a write up on two particular ways of running one.

This time I took part / facilitating in the 31st LTHEchat with my good friend Sue Beckingham. The invitation was broad and open to interpretation (scary!) but with help and discussion I settled on blogging, or more specifically academic blogging. So, to come up with six questions that would enable detailed yet flexible answers, in 140 characters (minus ones for the #LTHEchat text and any @names), and in a one hour time slot.

“This LTHEchat will be as much about blogging as the process of sharing. Do you blog and if so why do you blog? Are you blogging for yourself or for your professional profile? Indeed, is there a difference? Is it for reflection or progress? Join me and the LTHEchat community to share your ideas, experiences, pleasures, pains, and purpose.”

As per previous LTHEchat sessions everything has been collated into a Storify archive, or you can try and use the Twitter search archive for #LTHEchat, for what it’s worth. 

The questions I asked, and you answered, were:

  1. Let’s start with an easy one: why do you write your blog? Conversely, if you don’t blog, why not? #LTHEchat
  2. How have you helped to inspire non-blogging peers? #LTHEchat
  3. Do you have a ‘plan’ for your blogging activity? Is there a purpose or reason for it, or just as-and-when you feel like it? #LTHEchat
  4. Are you a reflective (intrinsic) or broadcaster (extrinsic) blogger? Is there a difference? #LTHEchat
  5. Now let’s share some of the #LTHEchat … Who inspires you to blog or to contribute via comments and why? #LTHEchat
  6. Lastly for tonight, share your own blog (links pls) and why you started it? #LTHEchat

To everyone who engaged and made it a wonderful experience, thank you. If you missed it, I’m sorry, but you can gauge some of the frenetic energy and the thoroughly engaging community we inhabit on Twitter through this #LTHEchat Storify archive.

For those who asked, here are some of the blogs you shared:

Then there is this great graphical representation of the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic blogging from Simon Rae:

Banner image source: mkhmarketing (CC BY 2.0)