Music or Audio for your Presentation

Fichier MP3 BoxWhile there are many websites you can go to for royalty free images, is there anything for those of us who might want to have some background music … say, if you’re creating a video presentation as opposed to a PowerPoint one?

Why, yes there is, and here are a few;

These websites offer downloadable, royalty free audio files (often MP3). Please check out each website and their respective T&Cs before using anything you download; you may breach their T&Cs without realising it – licenses for commercial or educational use may be different for each website.

What if you just want to play something in the background in the classroom? There are a few big players you can go to, the biggest are;

and one I found this afternoon;

If you have any other resources you’d like to share, please do so by leaving a comment below for others.