What’s taking so long? #100DaysToOffload

In August 2020 I started the blogging challenge of 100 Days to Offload, and 834 (!) days later I’ve still not completed it.

Why not? Well, putting it simply, I’m not normally one who moans or groans or ‘offloads’ publicly. I agree with some of the things I’ve seen other people write about in the challenge, and have commented on their posts too, but I’m not necessarily one to be so openly critical myself. There’s also the fact I try and be (a little) professional in my online activity, and some gripes and complaints are just not worth lowering my standards for.

Perhaps it says something about me too, that I don’t complain much or certainly complain openly. Those that know me are probably thinking ‘Ha! he’s always moaning about something’, to which I’d reply simply saying that that must mean you’re in my inner circle of trusted friends, as I don’t say half as much publicly as I do privately.

So far I’ve made 68 entries to the challenge, they can all be found on the 100 Days To Offload tag here. You can read more entries from around the world on the Twitter hashtag.

I will continue the challenge, I’ve are only 32 spaces left, but it will take me far longer than I thought.

Photo by Claudio Schwarz on Unsplash