Libraries and Cloud Computing

There has been much written about Cloud Computing in recent months, and this presentation is a good resource to add to the mix; looking at what advantages, or disadvantages, can be expected for a library in the Cloud (I tweeted this presentation over the weekend but, after re-reading it, thought it worthy of a post here);

Libraries and the Cloud

I found the following statements struck a chord that I’ve already emailed them to a colleague who works in a library, along with the presentation;

“The days of each library operating its own local servers have largely passed. This approach rarely represents the best use of library space and personnel.” Marshall Breeding (Slide 57).

“The University of Westminster estimates it has avoided a spend of £1million in moving to the cloud, cutting expenditure on new hardware and software upgrades.” (Slide 70).

“I don’t see a major difference between hardware obsolescence and service obsolescence.” Michael Klein (Slide 84).

and perhaps the biggest quote, which can be applied to many elements of higher education, not just the library;

“The biggest cultural component is that organisations have to become more willing to use platforms,. technology, and services that they don’t directly control.” Carl Frappaolo (Slide 89).

Are you involved in any form of Cloud Computing? If so please let us know what you’re doing, and how you have achieved (or aim to achieve) it.