Custom QR Code generator #QRCode

I found this custom QR Code generator today and it is excellent! I’ve seen a few of these highly modified codes before (see this post on the Mashable website for examples) but haven’t been able to get my limited Fireworks and Photoshop skills round to getting one for myself yet.

Until today. What do you think to this … created on the Unitag website:

I know, it fails one of my ‘rules’ in that it doesn’t display a URL for those who can’t scan it but that can be easily added after the code has been created. This example links to the shortened URL of, which is actually the ‘Resource’ page I created recently for all things QR Code and education.

So, how easy was this … very! The interface on the website is split into data/link, design, colours, and logo. You go through the process of selecting the link for the code (shortened URL, obviously), the design you want (rounded edges, shadow, redundancy level, size, etc), the colours and gradient types (single or mixed colours, horizontal diagonal or radial gradient), and then upload a logo/file if you want one placed in the final code.

Easy (… and don’t forget to test it)!

I’ve used three different apps in the iPhone to scan it, and all three worked (where at least two don’t usually work when scanning a code on the screen) – try your scanner software and let me know if it worked for you? If you’ve got your own custom code, or have just created one, share it here, let us see your work.

Have you got your own custom QR Code? Great, then share it here and let us know where you’ve used it and what kind of success (or not) you’ve had with it?