QR Codes: Rise of the Code

I found a couple of really interesting infographics this week that I thought you might like.

I am still very confident and enthusiastic about using QR Codes in education, in classrooms, in inductions, in libraries, in presentations, etc, and realise I may have a long uphill struggle ahead with some people and their understanding on what we can do with them. I am presenting next week and will finish the presentation with a final slide showing a QR Code that links to a series of online resources, presentation, notes, etc that I have collected ahead of the event, as well as my contact details. I am also putting the codes on my poster presentations in a similar way, to save on valuable space for contact details, but also to use the online (mobile friendly remember) webspace to put more information about the poster subject that doesn’t fit on the poster itself (background, research, facts/figures, etc).

So, how are you using QR Codes? How are you planning on using them? Leave a comment below and share with us all please.

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And the second:

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