Content curation with Flipboard

Once there was RSS and RSS feeders. Then there was the Twitter ‘favourite’ option (before it was changed to the ‘heart’ icon). Now, with Twitter in free-fall and a platform I no longer use, I needed to find an alternative to find and save content.

In the summer of 2023, I returned to my old account on Flipboard. I never really used it before (I can’t even remember when I set it up) but now it seems it’s somewhere I can store useful links and articles as well as use it for finding new sources as well.

Some background – Flipboard is a “content aggregation and curation platform” that produces custom personalised magazines for its users. It allows users to curate content from various sources, eg news websites, magazines, blogs, and social media, and compile them into a user-friendly, magazine-like format.

Here are the boards/magazines I’m using on Flipboard. Please feel free to follow or subscribe, and together we can generate a strong network of content curation (the kind I miss not being on Twitter anymore):

  • Generative AI and HE – articles on the use and/or impact of the advances of AI in (higher) education.
  • Microcredentials – articles on the development and use of microcredentials, professional certificates, stackable credentials, micro-learning, lifelong learning, etc. Until we, as a community, can decide on a useful and meaningful term to cover these courses. All things non-degree learning are here.
  • Learning & Education – all things learning and education. I often forget I have this board so it’s not as well used as it should be.
  • Work & Leadership – all things I like to read and consume about the topic of work, wellbeing, (good) leadership, etc.
  • I also curate content from my blog, my love of Lego (this is a new board so a little empty at the moment), and a board to support my habit of buying too much vinyl (new and old) to expand a collection that has already outgrown the space I have for it.
  • I’ll add more boards as I need them, so keep an eye open if you’re interested.

Please connect and share with my on Flipboard – as per usual, I am @hopkinsdavid.

Photo by Jakob Søby on Unsplash