When being ‘social’ goes wrong (@tomscott)

I was lucky enough to be present at a presentation from Tom Scott (@tomscott) today at Bournemouth University, where he used the following as part of his demonstration of the possibilities for Social Network(ing) – “Looking at social media in a very different way”:

YouTube: Tom Scott, Social Media Dystopia

Recorded at TedX Sheffield in 2010, Tom uses real-world examples of what has happened in different situations around the world, and puts them together to demonstrate how close we are (or how easy it is) to a riot (topical?).

We are already doing so much that has implications beyond  our current understanding of ‘online behaviour’, all Tom has done here is join some dots as to one possible outcome of one little action, and the way in which it can escalate, be misinterpreted, and grow out of control.

Makes you think? It did me.

Tom’s website is http://www.tomscott.com/