Video: A Brief History of Tech in Education #edtech

Many thanks to Sue Beckingham (@suebecks) for showing me this video this afternoon, very succinct and effective.

Even in 2009 (when this video was produced) it was obvious to many that we were entering a new development phase of technology that will have a dramatic change on education, and how we think about technology in education – and this was before the iPad changed the rules/scene yet again in April 2010, after the iPhone and the emergence of smart phones and ‘always available’ computing!

Coming so soon after the 2011 Future of Technology in Education Conference I can’t help but draw a¬†comparison¬†with the themes of the day that included the ‘bring your own device‘ (panel debate) and ‘students as the agents of change‘ (James Clay). Where the technology is going no one can predict (although many are trying) which means we can’t predict how we will use it. Needless to say, we will use it and, more often than not, find uses the original developers had not thought of and make it our own!