First there was ‘Netiquette’, now there’s ‘Twettiquette’

You can’t deny that if you’re involved in the Internet you ought to have tried Twitter by now. As I’ve said in previous posts, and presentations, it’s not about how others use it, it’s about how YOU use it … and it isn’t something you’ll master overnight but rather something that will grow as you find your feet and find a purpose for it.

Well, here is a great presentation from Steve Wheeler on ‘The Art of Twitter‘ as he thinks that;

“… the time has now come to introduce a set of guidelines for Twitter – ‘Twettiquette’ if you like”

Using simple terminology that we can all understand, this guide is another great way to introduce newbies to Twitter, and for those of us who consider ourselves proficient (or semi-proficient) in it’s use it’s an amusing recap on what we already do.

[Full credit to Steve for coining the phrase ‘Twettiquette’]

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