Top 25 Must Read Blogs About eLearning #edtech #eLearning

KZO’s Top 25 Must Read Blogs About eLearningCongratulations to all those who made the listed on the “KZO’s Top 25 Must Read Blogs About eLearning“. As the introduction to the list goes;

“The blogs listed here offer relevant and timely information for anyone interested in eLearning, whether you’re a content producer, a platform user, or someone trying to determine how eLearning technologies can help your business grow. Because eLearning practices are still evolving, it can often be difficult to find the best information on the topic“

Many thanks for my inclusion (at number 2 under the ‘Focused on Technology for Learning’ heading, if that’s anything to go by?), I am honoured to be in such esteemed company with the likes of the Upside Learning blog, Kirsten Winkler, Jane Hart, Angela Maiers, Cammy Bean, Stephen Downes, and the Rapid eLearning Blog, to name a few.

My musings here have been described as

“a blog which we’d recommend you do waste your time on! The posts can help you to understand how technology is changing the way we interact and educate our students.”

So, not too much pressure then to continue and do even better ‘stuff then’? Nah, should be good fun!