Noise (06) / #100DaysToOffload

Ever feel like your posts and updates are getting lost in the noise?

There used to be a sweet-spot when it was a good time to publish your work and get noticed. These days there seems to be more noise, greater volume of status updates and sharing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Are you getting through to your network, or are the posts about lockdown, pandemic, politics, environment, health, and sponsored messages causing an overload?

Yeah, me too. I still haven’t quite worked out if I want to quit the networks. I still want to though, somehow a SoMe holiday doesn’t seem enough but deleting apps and my accounts seems a bit drastic. Until I make up my mind, I’ll be culling accounts I follow and focus on the purpose I’m on the network … education and education technolgoy.

Photo by Photo Boards on Unsplash