Click (05) / #100DaysToOffload

The click of the computer mouse.

The tap of the keyboard.

Jeez, How annoying.

In the office, certainly an open plan one, the volume of noise form just these two items can be deafening. And annoying. Factor in at least one person who hammers the keyboard and sounds like they have a personal vendetor against it, and it can sometimes be too much.

Now, however, it’s even worse. We’re at home, in our own little (quiet?) bubble and we make our own noise. We’ve gotten used to not having the tap or click in our ears constantly, unless we’re the ones making the noise.

Is this why it’s more annoying when, in the middle of a video call, you hear someone tapping or clicking away and they’re not on mute?

Photo by Ricardo Resende on Unsplash