Go for a walk

Before Covid and lockdown, I’d have a 15-minute walk from the car park to the office and my desk. At the end of the day, I’d do the same.

During the first lockdown, when we were permitted, I tried to do the same each day – I worked 0ut a few routes from the front door, around the village, and back again. I’d do this twice a day, thus ensuring I got at least the same amount of fresh air (possibly fresher as I was in/near the countryside as opposed to inner-city Coventry). As it turned out, the route was longer so I was actually doing more than I would normally.

So, here we are, some 2 and a half years on from that first lockdown, and I find myself doing far less when I can go further and do more than when we were told there was a maximum of 1 hour per day outside for exercise.


Well, for me, it’s quite simple … I’m finding excuses or work or anything else to do instead of going for that walk.

So, right here, I’m saying get up and go and do something healthy – walk, run, jog, yoga, push-ups, gym, etc. Whatever you used to do that kept you fit(ter), no matter how long ago it was, and feeling good. Start that habit again, don’t let the rot set in. It’s nearly winter and it’ll be dark in the morning and evening, so find time during the day and have that walk in daylight. Safely.

Photo by Mika Matin on Unsplash