Part-time Learning; HEA Report

Flexible pedagogies: part-time learners and learning in higher educationMany of us have talked and written about the benefits of part-time learning, either online and at a distance or in the classroom. Now we have something to reference that can give our own views credibility, or something to argue against (whichever your standpoint).

“This report has been developed as part of Flexible pedagogies research project. Part-time learners and learning is one of five main focus strands embedded within the theme of flexible learning.”

Authored by Michael McLinden the report focuses on the types of flexibility that can enhance part-time study, including:

  • identifying drivers for an increase in part-time learning,
  • literature review to highlight the challenges and opportunities created by part-time learning,
  • current activities, relating to pedagogical theory and practice, are¬†surveyed, collated and evaluated with the focus on part-time learners,
  • relevant pedagogies and approaches identified and analysed within the context of flexible learning and delivery for part-time learning,
  • a selection of case studies presented which illustrate and support part-time learning pedagogies, and
  • recommendations made about why, and how, institutions “might work towards the implementation of these pedagogies and approaches within the context of flexible delivery.”

Read the full report here: Flexible pedagogies: part-time learners and learning in higher education