Perspective is a wonderful thing. It depends which side of a question you’re on as to what kind of question you’re being asked.

Remember the question you probably were asked at school … “what do you want to be/do when you grow up?” If, like me, you had no idea then this was a real stupid question, and one the puts too much pressure on you in your formative years to conform and comply with the notion that you choose a ‘career’ and stay there.

My eldest was asked the same thing recently, either at scouts or at school, I can’t remember. His answer was just so prescious and beautiful … “happy, caring, and able to look after my friends and family.”

That, right there, is what I should have said all those years ago when i was asked. I should not have taken the perspective of the person asking the question and had the freedom (and confidence) to answer the way I wanted, which was fairly similar. I have no interest in a ‘career’ or to follow a single route through life. I have no interest in conforming to the stereotypes of my middle-aged, wife-and-two-kids-and-two-cars-and-mortgage outward appearance. All I want is to provide a safe and secure home for my family, and protect it with everything I am.

I will not apologies for that, nor should anyone.

Kids. Gotta love ’em!

Image source: julben23 (CC BY 2.0)