Resource: Creating cartoons for your eLearning (@toonlet) #eLearning #Cartoon

Every now and then I come across something that gives me that ‘Eureka!’ moment, and when I found I had one.

Instead of my usual introduction and walk-through on what the tool can do, why not let it speak for itself? Here is a Toonlet ‘toon …

Click to view large version

I am also planning on using toons created here to illustrate a guide I am writing as part of my PG Cert course … stick around and you’ll see it here first when I get my marks back!

What is also amazing is that (with a little digging and trial and error, as well as reading their ‘toonup’ guides) you can find a link to a high resolution version of the cartoon strip, which makes embedding in posters, presentation, etc even better – and if you wanted to use in a printed document it’s good for that too (or a coffee mug for Father’s Day!).

I would like to thank Flea Palmer for showing me Toonlet through her brilliant cartoon called “Facing the consequences… a social networking horror story!