The last thing on my phone #EdLastThing

This is a bi tof fun, but also a good way to learn from each other … inspired by the  Amazon short series called ‘Last thing on my phone‘, and by my work on my last book called ‘Emergency Rations‘ ( … “what’s so important we can’t leave it at home?“) this is about, well, the last thing on my phone.

Come on .. .what’re your ‘last thing’ on your phone? Use the #EdLastThing hashtag and share too?

1. Last home screen image – Bournemouth and South Coast (find your own here)

Home screen

2. Most used App – Twitter or Email

Most used apps

3. Last band/song listened to (Volbeat – Amazon Music)

Amazon Music

4. Last video/film watched – World War Z (Netflix) and Robot Wars (BBC iPlayer)

Netflix and BBC iPlayer

5. Reading – Misc (Flipboard)


6. Last photo taken – cats & cake

Last photo taken

7. Best Game – The Room (1-4)

Best game