Turnitin and GradeMark Support Materials

Attendees at workshops can often find it difficult to know what information to take away with them. I have often found that the notes I make in these situations are inadequate to help me remember content as I tend to spent my time listening and working through the set examples or scenarios as opposed to making notes.

This is why I developed a series of postcards and videos to support the recent (and ongoing) workshops for College of Social Science on aspects of online marking and feedback using Turnitin and GradeMark. Intended to be used as a take-away resource to help remind the academic or administrative staff member of the workshop topic, if not the content. The postcards have been well received and provided the spark I hoped for for further discussion and individual specific training needs.

The postcards were designed for full-colour double-sided printing: helpful tool-based hints on one side and a case study on the reverse, from someone in the College who is leading the utilisation of the features of Turnitin and GradeMark. The QR Codes (and short URL) proved a useful way to link to the supporting video to be watched at the users convenience, which are enough to be watched as stand-alone resources without either the postcard or workshop attendance.

So far the feedback from colleagues and delegates are the postcards are an excellent idea, well presented, and a welcome ‘reminder’ to take away and file (desktop, pin board, bin, etc).

YouTube: Heidi Botting, Department of Politics & International Relations

YouTube: Dr Matthew Higgins, School of Management

The QR Codes on the postcards were produced using Delivr, each postcard had it’s own unique code linking to the appropriate YouTube video (above), with associated tracking and statistics (see here for more). Important is also the URL beneath the QR Code that enables anyone who doesn not scan the code (or can’t) to type the address into their browser and still view the linked material!

I’ve also developed the postcards to have an ‘Aura’ using Aurasma, but I’ll write about that later.

Update: Turnitin have just released this video “Why Instructors Love GradeMark“: