Presentation: Make it Personal, The ‘I’ in Induction

Make it Personal Conference, July 2009: The ‘I’ in Induction

The University of Greenwich is running the Conference ‘Make it Personal’, and this is my poster presentation, along with two colleagues from Bournemouth University.


Comparing two different approaches to Under-graduate Induction processes in the Business School (BS) at Bournemouth University (BU); face-to-face delivery (for campus-based students) and eLearning delivery (for fully online-based students), and how we ‘make it personal’.


Under-graduate induction programmes at Level C (first year) in BS require an Induction programme to BU, as well as to the system and VLE we use (Blackboard). The Induction programmes for campus-based, face-to-face students and online eLearning students obviously need to differ in approach and delivery, yet cover the same materials, and need to ‘engage’ the students (especially those who don’t’ physically attend).


Implications for Practice:

On the back of the development of the Induction Programmes we have been able to implement a system of good practice for Induction across further programmes in BS, and advise other BU Schools on our approach and findings;

  • Increasing the development time decreased the delivery time.
  • Induction activities/programmes are reusable
  • Increased review time for personal feedback