Conference Report: Make it Personal, July 2009

I started making notes of the key points I wanted to take away from today’s Conference at the University of Greenwich. Then I gave up and just listened instead.

I was going to tweet my way through the various presentations, but with no open-access wifi available I was stuck with texting my tweets, which I decided against it simply due to the costs involved.

Instead, thanks to the amazing tweeting going on from other people present, I thought I’d just repeat some of their tweets (I did manage a couple of tweets; I found open-access wifi at the local McD’s).

Unfortunately my poster hadn’t been delivered in time to be shown on the wall (damn postal strike!), so you can view it in my other post here: Presentation: Make it Personal, The ‘I’ in Induction.

We were using the hashtag #MIP for the days content.

ianmcnaught Intriguing observation: “Private school deal with the human desire to belong better than state schools” Jonathan Drori at #mip
artfraud completely agree education needs to acknowledge that people have desire to be entertained – pleasurable experience is accessible exp.
artfraud Can technology measure when people approach “flow state” and help us give them that final nudge
rosevibe Event checklist being unveiled to explain why compelling experiences are important in a personalisation context
artfraud the list of characteristics of compelling experiences: Defined, Fresh, Accessible, Immersive, Significant, Transformative
brckngh It would be useful for Ed Balls to hear Jonathon Drori share his views. Thought provoking
hopkinsdavid ‘Selection’ does not mean it is ‘personalised’ learning
artfraud importance of allowing students to show initiative in departing from any personal plan – avoid the “that’s not what they want” approach
rosevibe how to ‘personalise’ for 300+ students, get 2-3 things which grip large sections of the audience
rosevibe personalisation of the learning experience is more accessible for the rich or highly motivated. State establishments suffer
rosevibe how to get students to buy into personalised learning; 1st break bad habits then deploy event checklist to create compelling experiene
artfraud really great presentation about SL exploration of body representations in a diversity course
rosevibe context is everything, you need to learn to build face to face relationships to leverage full advantage
rosevibe ple/vle recurrent complaints are introductions without connections, is sn just the latest buzz trying to fill the gap?
colhawksworth session 2 – talking about ‘Punk’ Learning – individualism. Serendipity Vs Synergy
rosevibe how can synergy happen without embedding socialisation in education
colhawksworth – Is personalised learning in danger of killing-off social skills and collaboration?
colhawksworth – ‘personalised’ learning with ‘Social’ software? Have they gone mad? ;)
artfraud Serge Ravel exploring personalisation vs individualisation: his thesis is pers’tion still controlled by institutions
SussexUni more info about how we developed Skills Clouds to help Sussex Uni students
annegambles the future will see aggregated soc. Networking. What impact will google wave have on individualisation?

Good to meet you all, and look froward to next year’s event.