Certified Membership of the Association for Learning Technology

Note: This page has been re-written to reflect my award of CMALT in November 2013.

After more than 4 years of looking at and talking about CMALT I have not only started and submitted my portfolio for review, but re-written and re-submitted it and, as of November 11, ben awarded CMALT accreditation.

CMALT is a “portfolio-based professional accreditation scheme developed by ALT (the Association for Learning Technology) to enable people whose work involves learning technology to:

  • have their experience and capabilities certified by peers;
  • demonstrate that they are taking a committed and serious approach to their professional development.

CMALT holders are learning technology practitioners, teachers and researchers from across the educational and commercial sectors.

I have found the shared/public portfolios of successful candidates a huge boost to my own progress, of which a few are linked below:

If you are already in the process of working on your CMALT portfolio, please drop me a line, perhaps we can help each out. If you have already completed it, and want to share your work then please do so here too.



  • Mourad

    Best of luck with the CMALT. You are not alone! I too am preparing for the qualification probably slower than you.

    I am not sure if we got the chance to meet at the eAssessment conference yesterday but I’m glad to have found your blog.



    • Anonymous

      Hi Mourad. If we did not get the chance to meet then I am sorry, I hoped to meet as many as I could but with over 300 delegates that was always going to be difficult. I think I had about an hour at around 3PM when I was so tired I wasn’t sure what I was doing so hope we didn’t talk then as I was a little vacant!

      All the best with CMALT, David.

  • I have just started my portfolio, gathering everything together, was assured at #ALTC2011 that I would be able to put it together fairly easily and that it is not as complicated as it looks – yeah we’ll see! good luck

    • Anonymous

      Hi Mel.

      I think it’s as difficult as we want to make it, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. For many of us we’ve not done any formal editing/reviewing of our work other than for internal appraisals, so to have someone else pass ‘judgement’ (I know, it’s not really that, but that’s how it can feel at times) is a daunting prospect.

      All the best, join a few of us in our ‘review and kick each other’ panel here: