Twitter & Facebook use by Russell Group Universities

Here are two excellent reports on the (Institutional) use of Twitter and Facebook by the Russell Group Universities;

What I take from these two posts and the lists/stats that have been collected is that there does not seem to be a uniform approach to the way the social media are being used. Are Universities using these tools because they think they ‘have’ to in order to be seen as progressive, modern, interested, social, etc, or is there a well-defined and implemented strategy behind the decision? I fear  it is more likely to be the former than the latter.

What do you think? Do you run/maintain an ‘official’ channel?

Many thanks to Brian Kelly (@briankelly) for the posts and analysis of results.

  • I attend University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama (U.S.) and I really enjoyed reading this and the question that you raise is an interesting one. There really is no uniformity in how Facebook and Twitter is used among this group of Universities. I found that pretty surprising and it made me wonder about my own University and others in the area. Neither my school nor others in the area (with the exception of one) really maintain or seriously utilize these social networks. Seeing this makes me proud and grateful to be a part of EDM 310 and the class blog that we have. In addition to our class blog, each student maintains their own blog, facebook, and twitter (there is also an EDM 310 Alumni blog). We would be honored for you to visit us there to see how we utilize social networks and for you to see some of the other things we do. Thank you for everything that you do, it makes a difference!